Emerald City CPC - pre-production flip off


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Nov 2, 2014
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I've got a small CPC set coming at some point, for Emerald City.

It's based on the Wizard of Oz movie, with a smattering of Frank L Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the mix.


The colors are based around characters from the story:

25c - Tin Woodman
$1 - Dorothy Gale
$5 - Cowardly Lion
$20 - Scarecrow
$100 - flying monkeys / Wicked Witch of the West
Promo chip - Emerald City

While I didn't order samples, I will have a couple of spares.

This thread is for a 20-seat flip of two tables. Winner of each table will go through to a heads-up flip.

The winner will get a gratis sample set, shipped gratis wherever in the world.

To take part in the flip, simply reply itt with "I'm off to see the wizard!" Anyone replying "In" or similar will be disqualified for not reading the thread. So there! :p Edited posts to try and cover your tracks will also earn you a ban! :D

I don't have a production date yet, so be advised you'll be waiting a while to receive your sample set. Chips haven't been made yet!!

Registered flippees:

1. MarquetteMonkey
2. Eloe2000
3. mipevi
4. churlbut18
5. RowdyRawhide
6. toynoob
7. k9dr
8. Senzrock
9. Don Clay
10. Ghoti
11. Changster
12. cpac54
13. DarPodo
14. HeWhoWouldPun
15. Poker Zombie
16. markleteenie
17. HMK
18. Phish1321
19. Davism72
20. Frogzilla


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May 20, 2019
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Oops sorry, I didnt see the no edit things, I was just editing to say I didnt see Ben's comment above...
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