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Jan 27, 2024
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I'm shopping around for a new poker set, upgrading from the cheap plastic dice set that I've always played with. So far I have a sample set for Majestic china clay, Slowplay's 14g clay sample, 39mm 10g ceramic sample, and 43mm ceramic sample. I'm still unsure what set I want to go with, but I'm also seeing a lot of nice design online that I don't have samples of.

Do I need to get samples for other sets I find interesting, or are the samples I have enough? Can I compare the Majestic set to most 10g china clays? same with my ceramic 39mm 10g sample? etc...
looking for a set of 750-800 chips with the following denominations:

still unsure about ceramic vs china clay but currently leaning towards ceramic.

These EPT tournament chips is pretty much what im looking for in terms of design

im not looking to spend more than 400-500$ on a set.

I saw that had some nice ceramic options inline with my budget. Is that a seller I can trust?

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