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Mar 29, 2024
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Since I am now cursed by this forum, my old dice chips aren't cutting it anymore. I've been ordering samples of different chips to test them out for my upcoming home games. So far I've been trying out china clays, heavy metal slug chips, and now waiting on a ceramic sample.

I haven't been to a casino or card room in some time so I forgot about the feel of THC chips.

So I visited Tampa Bay Downs last week to hang and see how the card room played. I strolled up to the cashier counter and bought a rack of chips. As I waited, I look down at them. Top hat and cane!

Let me say this, I was seriously questioning why there's so much debate about china clays. Now I get it. The paulsons are wayyy superior and now I can't look at my china clay sample the same again!

Depending on how I feel about the ceramics, I'll either go for those or possibly save up for a super nice set of THCs. We will see.

Thought I would share!


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