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Jul 22, 2019
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Many have already ordered some of the sets I've created so I figured it was time to create a consolidated thread. Usually just keep it simple and charge a usage fee per design. Helps keep the overall cost down for everyone that wants to have a set made.

Here's my latest creation. More coming soon...


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Will also take requests. If a few people want a certain set made I'll try to make it happen.
1k is a pretty chip. I might need to come up with an off the book 5k for tourney sets like I did for the Starlites
I'm very impressed with the card molds chips. They are the only reason I got back into ceramics. I mean, I have always liked ceramics. I still have a semi-custom 2006 WSOP tournament set. But they will never beat my love for clays. But if you end up coming up with something that has yellow $5 chips, I'll probably end up buying another set haha. Well after I get my CPC sets together o_O
Is there already a Flamingo cards mold design available? If not…I bet that’d get some interest…
Oh and cards mold Monopoly chips may be popular…I know there’s another design for those already, but not sure if it’s available (and too lazy to search.)
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