FRACTAL Micro-stakes (Durango Quasi-tributes, TINA Web Mold) (1 Viewer)

Oct 14, 2022
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Salt Lake City, UT
Hello all,

I must first confess that I kind of like the Durango chips. I will agree on a lot of the points that were made on the forum: the inlay is plain and screams ‘wait, I have to submit inlays tomorrow?’, and some of the edge spots are not my favorite. However, I think that the color palette overall is really pleasing to the eye, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t my favorite house mold as far as feel is concerned. While I am still saving up to get my ECHO set, the new Tina web molds have me wanting a micro-stakes cash set, and I figured I’d see if I can apply a little bit of redesign to the Durango set to make it a little bit more pleasing.

Initially I just redesigned the chips outright so I had something to start with. While playing around with what to call the fantasy casino in my head, I settled on ‘FRACTAL’ after a fictional tower in a fictional place, which at this point is par for the course as far as my chip designs go. That reminded me of the two Century Casino ‘Snow’ chips I managed to pick up off eBay and how I love them despite breaking all of the design norms that I would usually expect from a ‘good’ chip. So I ended up putting a fair amount of work into drafting snowflakes and adjusting the inlays, and ultimately ended up on something I was somewhat happy with.

Finally, I changed the spot patterns, drew the squiggly lines to make it look like a compressed clay chip, then added some visualization of the web mold and used the chip stacking tool to visualize the set. Currently, I like the set. I’m sure my thoughts will change as they always do (I mean ECHO changed for like a year before what I have now), but I wanted to share this because I like where Durango is coming from, I just think it can be built upon for a really nice set.


Screen Shot 2024-04-08 at 11.06.39 AM.png

I did versions with both the varied inlay color scheme and non-varied. I think the varied inlay color schemes is one of my favorite parts about the current Durango set, even if I don’t like all of the color combinations ($5 should not have yellow inlay, though I haven’t decided what I’d use instead). Additionally, I think that the RHC-sized inlays are what make this set work overall and I might wait until we have a ceramic large-inlay hybrid mold to revisit this design.


Screen Shot 2024-04-08 at 11.07.38 AM.png

I’m curious to hear other’s thoughts on the set. Improvement over the original? Is the general chip color palette doomed to not work? What would you do differently?
I would use the grey 1, purple 5 and yellow chip for my line up, but I would change the inserts from yellow and green to something else for the purple 5.

I like the inlays

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