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Happy Birthday! Looking forward to seeing you at SQM!!
I find it epic that scrub donkey made it into the PCF glossary lmao that's great

Count me out for the giveaway, but here's a stranger's dog driving at Walmart. Before I walked up to snap the pic they were facing forward staring at the steering wheel lol

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Can't wait for SQM, pretty excited! Went to the same taco joint we always go for my birthday and there was "sign" on the menu . . .
As interest is dying down I'll in all likelihood do the race offs this weekend.
So . . . Last call and good luck chippers!


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Table 5 is 6 handed with the winner moving on!
@Poker Zombie





Oh boy, we have an interesting result as @Poker Zombie takes the final preliminary table with his 8s full of 3s. Yep, someone may be sleeping on the couch tonight with both Zombies making the final table. Congratulations MJ!
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