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Straight Flush
Sep 18, 2017
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Glasgow Scotland
If a similar thread already exists let me know and I’ll kill this off. I did a comprehensive 10 second search before posting so I am exempt from any liabilities :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:

Anyway here’s mine. HHR mold ASMs for limit.

900 x white
200 x red
100 x green



This set must have been hiding when we came over Pat!! Is this the old Turkey shoot tourney set? I have seen your capper the Black single but don't think I have seen the set!! They are awesome!!! Ever get any felt time anymore??

Yep I may use them for my next game!
Living in a country where you never know what your currency will be next year, I still had the courage to denominate my sets, but not all the way.
I kept the lowest and highest value chips non-denominated, for some elementary flexibility.

ND frac, cash
mint white.jpg

ND Top Value chip, cash
gray yellow.jpg

ND frac in another cash set

Top Value chip even in a Tourney set (either 1 or 2K)
orange blue.jpg
Been a very long time since I’ve seen a set of American Beauties. I can still remember the design stages.
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