Regular Steaming to the Point of Being Annoying (1 Viewer)

Hi Merkong

Bummer of a situation.

If your players have had the guts to talk to you they are already halfway out the door. They haven't left yet, but they are close. let this happen one more time and a guarantee they will find other things to do on your game night. Your players need a break from gutterball ASAP. Sounds like gutterball needs a break from your game as well. And you need to tell players he wont be there before the next invite.

Ive kicked 2 players in 22 years running my game and it SUCKS big time. The first time i gave the player a second chance. That was in 2016 and it was the first and only time i had trouble getting players to turn up and i was close to giving up. it wasn't till 2018 before i 'have to chase players to have a game.

all regular games are either growing or dying. yours is closer than you think to dying. Don't let it happen.

Good luck sir. I feel your pain. I hope it goes well.

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