Poker House Austin Coming Soon! (2 Viewers)

It’s cool to get an inside perspective of things. How have things been going thus far? Are you allowed to play at other rooms? Is Texas poker still as wild and profitable as it used to be?

We've been skinning our elbows and knees as we get staffed up and try out things, some working, some not. But it's great to see the room when it's bustling with multiple games running.

I am permitted to play at other rooms. I've heard a certain competitor has threatened to ban people if they play at our location, but that's 2nd hand so can't verify it, but wouldn't shock me.

Texas players are still plenty loosey-goosey eating-a-sandwich. I've only had the opportunity to play the tournament from the vlog I just shared, but will be playing some PLO soon and looking forward to seeing how it goes (and vlogging it so I can share with everyone)

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