MASSIVE 100K Tournament Overlay Likely In Austin! (2 Viewers)

Anthony Martino

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Sep 26, 2015
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Round Rock, TX
We've got a MASSIVE overlay brewing. After the first five flights we're on track to overlay over 100 grand!

But, this Guarantee is GUARANTEED, just like the Lannisters we honor our debts!

You can play any of the next five flights (which begin tonight, Thursday March 14th at 6pm) at the following five clubs throughout #Texas

Poker House Austin
Poker House Ft Worth
Kojacks Poker Club In Midland
The River League In San Angelo
Celebrity Card Club Odessa

And one last-chance flight next week on Friday here in #Austin

You pay a one-time $360 entry-fee for your first entry, but then enjoy half-price re-entries across ANY flight for just $180.

You can carry your best two bags forward to Day 2 and we'll pay you $750 for a 3rd bag and $1,250 for a 4th bag!

Do NOT miss out on this free money, this overlay is going to be an amazing value since you'll face a smaller field with more money going into your pocket!

FtWorth-200K overlay.png
I did up a special funny video about this too, there's a line in there about tournament poker (comparing our event to the lodges) that even got a big laugh out of my wife Jenn, which is hard to do

After all clubs completed their 10 flights we are still close to 56K shy of the 200K GTD.

Only 70 players qualified for Day 2 this Saturday, small field, big prize pool.

One flight remains only available at Poker House Austin this Friday at 6pm. Expecting we will be slammed Friday, but still anticipate a chunky overlay.


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