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Mar 23, 2013
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3/23/2015 will be PCF's 2 year anniversary. Any member who posts what their favorite chip set is in this thread will automatically be entered.

There will be 3 winners!
What are the prizes....? It's a surprise! :cool:

1) Winner
2) Runner Up #1
3) Runner Up #2

The thread closes at midnight EST. Winners will be announced tomorrow at 12 noon EST.
Free worldwide shipping!
Good luck!
The "Chicago" set with the chip colors and edge spots that represent things that are quintessentially Chicago. Breich is the designer/owner I believe.
I've always liked Boon's C U Next Tuesday set.


For casino chips, probably the Stardust Poker Mansions. For custom chips, that's really tough, but I would say it's the Chateau de Noir's (with Courage's Twin Spire set JUST getting nosed out, and I mean barely, because that set is sick).
Can I say my set? Even if it hasn't arrived yet.

Other than that 41pickups trop set is my favourite casino set.

Custom set is the California Club tribute set. But it changes day to day.
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My favorite of my sets is a toss-up between 20th Century and GCOP.

My favorite set I don't own? Tough one... but if I could purchase anybody's custom set, Jeff's Four Kings would certainly be in the top three, along with Bivey's FDL wine set and Club Courage HHR. If I was a girl, it would be Marsha's original MGK Lady Luck set hands-down.

See why I keep buying chips? I love 'em all....
My favorite is the Paulson Le Cove Resort & Spa. Love the colors and the mold.
Love playing with the paulson jb's I got recently and finding this community in the process. I am now a chipaholic!

Wishing I got here sooner to get my hands on a playable set of boulevard chips.
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I'd like to see this "Chicago" set from TommyTheCat (hey, the Pink Floyd Crystal Parks and the Rush set are pretty nice). I like Harry's "C U Next Tuesday" set in the Flamingo font, too. However, the 16th edition Dunes are my favorite so far.
Mr. Tree's The Hitching Post set is my dream set. Pure awesome wherever you look.

As far as sets I own, my mixed Paulson set is the one for me.
My very own Ace's Hotel and Country Club cash set! I feel no shame :)
The tourney set is no slouch either.

The board posted my images upside down for some reason...

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