My custom solids set - A journey 20 years in the making. AND A GIVEAWAY!! (1 Viewer)

Day 13
Being born and raised in Wisconsin, I have a certain reputation to uphold when it comes to drinking. I’m always on the lookout for something new. Mostly. Although I’m sure I’ll catch some heat for not liking IPAs. I had my imbibing world rocked quite a bit a few years ago at The Crazy Fox in St. Charles, Illinois.
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I had my first sour ale there, and I was an immediate convert. Not that I’ll turn my nose up at a Spotted Cow (c’mon now!), but if I’m looking for something new to try at the store, I’m making a beeline to the sours. And a sour smoothie? Better make it two!!
My wife is from St Charles! Still visit there regularly as her parents still live there.
Saw this in my Facebook feed today, and thought of you.

I've been watching Boardwalk Empire for the first time trying to find inspiration for my sets, and I'm loving it! I knew it would be up my alley when I first heard it was coming out, but I didn't expect to be flying through it the way I am! I'm almost done with season 4 after about 2 weeks!!

That said, I've been spinning my wheels a little bit on the label design for the tourney set. The plan is to give each denomination its own label based on a real hotel/casino from Atlantic City. Each denomination crosses 2 or 3 streets/properties from the city, so there should be some good options for inspiration. Ideally, the hotels I pick would have some historical significance to the city.


I'm wondering if any of you Jersey peeps or Atlantic City fans can point me in the direction of some good reference materials about the history of the city, especially any history prior to 1935 when Parker Brothers first published the game.

TIA for any leads you might be able to give me!!

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