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Mar 21, 2024
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Georgia, United States
Well, I'm finally here. I've been stalking the forum for months, but now's the time because through all your efforts I've purchased my first set of chips.

Rewind to Christmas '23, I received a chip set as a gift. Me and a few friends play every month, so I put them on the Christmas list. My wife said, "do you care what kind?". I said, "nope, anything will do". I got a set of generic dice chips. I was elated! To me, it was awesome. Enter my cousin (one of the monthly players). Seeing my chips gets hin excited. I start looking into chips out of curiosity (and because some of my dice chips were broken/not great quality SHOCKER).

Thus started 3 months of researching and 9 different samples: Monte Carlo, Casino Royale, Monico Casino, Classics (Venerati knock off), Banks, Slowplay Nash and ceramics, Venerati, and Penthouses. I started off thinking, I don't care, I just want denominations. Was going to buy Monte Carlos. A lot of previous PCF posts made it clear what I was going to get with those, mean while my cousin bought Banks (great chips). I started getting ceramic samples because I saw some passionate folks on here and all I knew was CCs (normally play with Milano's). That's when it clicked for me, and was such a joy in the journey; I'm a ceramics guy! Out of all the ceramics I kept coming back to the penthouses. Love the design. Love the darker colors, edge marks are just incredible across the set, shuffling is a dream, nice big numbers, so here I am now. 600 piece set is here, racked and in a case, ready to use at one of our monthly gatherings.

Thanks for everything, and happy to finally be here!


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Hello and welcome. And you're right, those chips have great denoms that are very clean and clear!! The most important thing about any set that you play with is that you love them, and it is obvious that you do so great job and excellent selection!

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