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Apr 12, 2013
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Sofia, Bulgaria
Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so might as well introduce myself - I'm a casual poker player, I don't take it really competitive, rather I enjoy the ritual of getting together with friends and spending a night having fun.
So, my question is how do you react to food and drinks on the table? I've heard of many people that hate the idea, but that's simply blasphemous to me! A game with friends without a bowl of chips, tons of jerky, beer and/or scotch is not a game at all!
What's your opinion?
I am currently having my poker table built. ( a 55" round ) I asked for no cup holders. :) I am planning to pick up 3 of these.

Holy hell, that looks so comfortable! What price do those go for? I'm generally not against stuff on the table, but sometimes it can get a tad bit crowded, when everyone is drinking, smoking and eating and at those times we usually pull up "tablechairs" lol, or a helping coffee table.
I believe these are around $95 each. I like this one over others I've seen because it has a rim around the top to keep things from getting pushed off.
I am currently having my poker table built. ( a 55" round ) I asked for no cup holders. :) I am planning to pick up 3 of these.

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That looks amazing! I want one for myself. I normally have a bag of chips, and a beer with me at the poker table during home games. It doesn't really bother anyone, because we all do it. But I wouldn't eat at the table during a organized event.
I have large cupholders in the rail of my tables (except one) and they work awesome! But with respect to food, NO WAY -- off the table. A stool or chair near ya will serve well to hold your plate. The drink holder/carts above are very cool but I don't have room for them.
I've always just put out stuff for sandwiches on a different table altogether. We have a scheduled break, and everyone has something to eat. Drinks are ok at the table, but dijon mustard just doesn't blend with table felt.
I have always thought that food on the table is a bad idea. Drinks in cup holders is fine, otherwise they will inevitably get knocked over by someone.
I've always just put out stuff for sandwiches on a different table altogether. We have a scheduled break, and everyone has something to eat. Drinks are ok at the table, but dijon mustard just doesn't blend with table felt.

I must admit, felt is pretty vulnerable to condiments and spillages, however my friends and I mostly snack on chips and beef jerky, actual food like sandwiches doesn't often get to the table. I like the idea with the table with sandwich ingredients, though, we might do that next time!
I have the strict rule that no food or drinks touch the table at any time.

I have just seen too many accidents, were somebody spilled beer or soda over cards, chips and even money.
Food? NO Drinks? Begrudgingly

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Okay . . . how do I get this site to let me hit "enter" and skip down a line?
Our games are always very informal so there are always food and drink at the table. Normally people bring along something from home and there are chips, pizza and/or other things too. I do not have a poker table asuch: we just use a normal table and clear away anything on it before starting. As a result, spillages are not a huge disaster. The table we use is sufficiently large that even if someone does spill something it will be fairly far away from anyone else's cards and chips.
I kinda keep it a rule to not serve very greasy food when I'm having a home game, and if you've got a drink; you keep it on a tray table off to the side. Drunk friends + losing money + my felt table = not a good mix.
I too love to play poker socially with my friends and have plenty of food and drink, but I have to say I find the idea of greasy chicken-wing fingers touching my lovely poker cards horrible! So we make sure to stop for food and cigarette breaks at regular intervals!

I would simply recommend setting up your spread of food on a different table personally.
I like food and drink at the table, provided that the food are just snacks. There is no reason to have full course meals while playing poker. But regardless, I do like food at the my poker games because some of the games my friends and I play go on fro quite a while and sometimes we need refreshments.
I don't mind drinks in the cup holders. As for food just snacks in beer cups I have had a few guys go to put there snacks on the table but I remind them of all the gunk and grime that could be there and show them a dirty casino chip witch works every time
Pet bottles, beer bottles are ok but have to be placed in the cupholders. No food at the table allowed. We make a break around 10 Pm and order some pizza etc...
I'm not a fan of food or drinks on the poker table either unless you have cup holders for the drinks. Obviously I don't want any bottles or glasses sitting on the felt though. Personally I find eating at the table to be pretty gross.
I've played a few times with a few friends that allowed food and snacks and every time, it is a mess. Stuff gets everywhere, and drinks get spilled. When I finally get around to getting my own table, I will not be allowing it. It's just too much of a hassle.
The worst is the guys at the casino eating at the table with their hands, licking their fingers and stuff after they've been handling nasty casino chips for the past few hours. Gross!
I do allow drinks at the table in the cupholders, and food on side tables. Nothing directly on the felt.

This ^^^^^^^^^ I personally built all my tables. Aint havin them ruined by grime, grease, and grub all in the felt...

I had a friend telling a story of how he used to be clumbsy when he was younger, and his friends brought him beer in a sippy cup after he spilled beer all over the table. Ten minutes later he proceeded to spill a beer all over a cheapie topper and the carpeting. Later in the evening, he asked for a glass of water, I brought it to him in a sippy cup, much to the rolling laughter of everyone at my game! :)

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TV tray... Left over foam and SSC. Bam!


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That TV trays with the SSC and foam is an awesome idea. I might have to do that. I'm in the process of building my own table but in the meantime someone gave me a 48 octagon table for my birthday so we'll be using that until my round 60 inch is done. The octagon has no drink holders in the rail and the table I'm building won't have drink holders either but I may amend that and put them in yet.

When I host my monthly games we always order pizza but we completely stop playing and eat, then I make sure everyone washes their hands and we start playing again. Especially now that I've spent hundreds on chips we aren't going to be eating and then touching my chips lol. Everybody usually has a drink though so I need to either get some TV trays like the above poster or put in drink holders on my new table.
I have drink holders, so drinks are fine but no food on the table. We have a few snacks but they sit on a separate table. If you want a snack people go over to the table.
i would say it's a risk. And there is no good argument for not simply having a table or something like that standing by to put your food and drinks on.
I have been to Trihinda's twice now, and those little tables really rock! I'm looking around to pick up a set of them so I can make my own. I have already picked up the suited cloth and padding from YAT.
I do not allow drinks on the table. To many chances to spill. Food I prefer not to have on the table but, occasionally people forget they have the trays behind them and place on the table. Still makes a mess with chips and such. You put out enough tables behind the playing table people will use them.

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