Custom Poker Table Felt Thread


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Apr 25, 2013
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I tried to post up the artwork Tony created for me. Its a PDF and won't upload.

My table is not like what you've got @sheikh617 . So amazing! You've gone alot more custom than me. Wow...that rail...gosh! Is that real snakeskin? Your tastes are quite refined!

My tastes are perhaps a bit simple and boring I'd say given what you have got there. Stunning! I have what I'd say a "smooth" and "sleek" design. I opted for no racetrack. However, there is a "racetrack" effect incorporated into the layout along with a few other elements I wanted. @davin ...your table picture on Tony's website also served as some inspiration. Thanks:tup:

Can't wait to post the pr0n one fine day!

I'm super stoked. Tony is unreal. It's hard to describe, but he can take brain imagery from you and magically, it appears on screen. He makes it look easy, but it's actual real talent he has. A passion. I'm over the moon!

Imagine the day I get it!!!!

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Jul 26, 2015
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Portland, Oregon
Going to visit the great Chanman himself for the final revisions to my custom table as well

Just came across this thread coincidentally! Now I'm super excited. Tony is amazing. He has been super patient with me. I'm borderline crazy with how much I change my mind

Tomorrow, we finalize and I sign the authorization form!

Lucky to be alive!!!
Trust me, you can't be more difficult to work with than me. Through their interactions with me working on my poker table, I have irrefutable proof that both @T_Chan and @Johnny5 are freaking saints. No matter the request or the change, they're both ever ready to provide constructive advice.
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