Building a full size table (9-10 players)


Nov 7, 2014
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Since I have a lot of free time on my hands the next few weeks, I have time for some projects that were on hold.

  • start milling 5 racks of mint solids THC & label them (chips & most labels are in the house, still waiting on some supplies)
  • remove 4 racks of inlays (100 ES quarters & 300 uncirculated Bally's $1)
  • relabel 200 Key West chips
  • build a full size table in addition to my 7 max round table
In this thread I will post the progress on the table, the other project will also be posted soon

What do I want ?

A very nice build table with these features:
  • raised rail
  • LED lighting
  • no racetrack or chiptray
The table our new member @BmoreTerp has posted looks great, would be happy with this end result.
Only thing I would change is more depth on the raised rail inner circle (for lighting)


I would love to used diffuser strips for a very clean look but i'm afraid it will make the build more complex and sourcing them will not be easy in Belgium.
Please let me know if you have used strips in your build and how you implemented them.

So...what I have already ?

All the tools needed
Wood :)) )
Felt from @T_Chan (will design a custom one soon...for now it's one from the sale with small errors (can not find the link)

What do I still need ?

Building plan: working on it...but could use some examples/sizes and feedback from other builds (9-10 players)
Pedestal: looking at recovering one from an old table (second hand & recycle stores)
Padding playing surface
Padding for the rail
Vinyl for the rail

These are the foams I can order: Foam
These are the vinyls I can order: Vinyls
(sorry for the non English site)

Most of the vinyls are 140 cm (55 inches) so max width of the rail will be 130 cm (50 inch)

Looking forward to the build but first I need to get all my supplies sourced.
To prevent buying/building twice...I want to try this first time right

Hope to gather the info I need to make that happen :)
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Jan 28, 2018
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Athens, Greece
we rotate dealer
Another reason to make an oval as round-ish as possible, IMO. Go for the maximum width and minimum length which would make a total that can provide a 580-610cm circumference (to accomodate 10 at 58-61cm each).
If you 're going to be using it as dining table too, with a dining top, make sure to get the hardest and most durable foam for the rail.
Good luck man!:)


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Dec 20, 2018
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First, I appreciate the kind words in reference to my build. I’m new around here and I’m sure some of the more experienced builders will chime in as well.

To get you started, I based my table off the:
Raised rail plans. I downsized the table to 42x84 for a comfortable 8 person and a squeeze to 9 or so. If looking for full 10 person most recommendations here are slightly longer, but generally in the 44” width range.

They also have plans and YouTube videos at BYOPT Poker including a lighted table. My understanding is that around here they may not be felt as the best plans, but I’m happy with my modified result. If I can help in any way please let me know. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your build!


Jul 29, 2013
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The "standard" size I typically recommend for a 10 person oval is 92"x44", which provides for just about 23.5" of rail space per player. You essentially cut 4" off both the long and short sides of a 4'x8' sheet of plywood (standard plywood size here in the US, not sure about oversees) and go from there.

Do you have a home improvement or hardware store readily available? The plastic for the light diffusers are just the clear plastic piece that covers standard office fluorescent light fixtures. I know you don't have home depots there but this is the type of product you're looking for:

Going with a lit raised rail for a full felt table is a little more challenging than one with a racetrack, as the best way of installing the diffuser is for it to sit in a small channel that's routed into the base wood piece. That approach doesn't work for a full felt table because there's no exposed wood base piece. What I've done in the past was to go with a "mini" or "micro" racetrack option, where the racetrack is only an inch or two wide and purely for looks and to be able to install the diffuser as described above:




To do this with a full felt table, one approach is to manufacture a slot for the diffuser by sandwiching it between the edge of the playing surface and an outer ring on the table, like shown below.


here's the "exploded" version showing how the table would go together / come apart


I didn't go through both sites completely, but this vinyl appears to be similar to some of the nicer vinyls stateside. They indicate the vinyl is flexible and soft, which is typically how whisper vinyl is described. Well that's what google translator said :)

For the foams, most of what I saw on the site you posted capped out at 200cm long, which isn't going to be long enough to do a rail in one piece. They mention they can do custom cutting, maybe give them a call and see if they can provide a sheet that's longer. If that's not an option you can cut the foam and assemble the pieces to cover the whole area, using cotton batting or dryer sheets to help cover the seams. In general, you want a high density foam that's about 1" thick for the rail.

For the playing surface foam, check out local upholstery/craft stores, hopefully you can find something that comes in rolls, you really don't want a seam in the playing surface foam. Suited speed cloth may hide it, but if you're using gaming suede, the seam will almost definitely show. Typically I use 1/4" thick high density for the playing surface.

Good luck, building your own table is a ton of fun!


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Nov 25, 2018
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new jersey
This was a great idea! It helped me with my build. I made some on the fly modifications. I did a full 96x48. Going wider added more space to each player spot and still enough room for a dealer to pull in all the chips.

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