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Dec 9, 2023
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Brisbane, Australia
Hi guys,

Will post occasional updates as I complete this. But timeline is likely months not weeks.

Appreciate feedback/tips help along the way, as you're the experts!

1. Purchased a 2440 x 1220mm (96x48") solid timber table with a pedestal base off FB marketplace. Cost me $300 AUD ($200 USD).


2. My intention is to sand the top rough and adhere 6mm neoprene directly to the face of the table, and then place the felt over it. I can't really do a base plywood piece as I am concerned around height. The table itself is already 760mm high, or 29.9".

The rail would then be a 18mm ply + 18mm ply + 25mm Very Firm open cell foam. Both of these rail pieces will be connected and wrapped in dark green leather look vinyl. There will also be a 12mm (1/2") raised rail provided by a 12mm spacer ply and edge banded to match the colour of the base table. Here's a conceptual cross-section roughly to scale:


3. I am planning for 140mm rails (5.5") with a 700mm dealer cutout that would be 2" wide, upholstered but ideally only 18mm high (12mm spacer ply, 6mm neoprene or another foam alternative, + vinyl). Again have a rough concept. Inner ring is betting line (200mm in from rail, 7.87")

table top.png

And an idea of the green coloured vinyl I am thinking for the rail:


Again, would really appreciate feedback and tips!
I guess big questions for me are:

How much compression will there be of the rail foam by the vinyl wrapping? Is 25mm high density foam going to add 25mm of height, or should I assume something more like 20mm?

Will a black felt clash with red wood and green vinyl?

Will I run into any problems using the table as a base and not a piece of ply? I am planning on stapling the felt to the wood under the space/rail but obviously won't be able to wrap it underneath.

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