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May 17, 2018
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Rochester, N.Y.
With the resent bump on my Elliptical Table Journey, thank you @louBdub, thread I realized that I never posted build pics of some of my 54" Antique Table Conversion.
I have accumulated materials from previous builds and didn't want this table top to go to waste. I picked up this antique table and used the legs for my elliptical build.


The top had some damage to the veneer where the two halves met. I repaired the areas that will part of the visible rail the best I could.

thumbnail_IMG_0255.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0254.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0258.jpg

The rail was made from left over plywood in 4 pcs that were glued and screwed together using biscuits and pocket screws.

thumbnail_IMG_4459.jpg thumbnail_IMG_4462.jpg

The rail foam was the inside scrap from the elliptical build. I calculated a shape required to make the rail foam from 8 segments, made a template and band sawed the blanks.
I only used spray adhesive half way up the thickness of the foam where the segments met. I then trimmed to the round shape, covered with a layer of headliner and then covered with crocodile vinyl to match the elliptical.

thumbnail_IMG_4463.jpg thumbnail_IMG_4465.jpg thumbnail_IMG_4466.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0260.jpg thumbnail_IMG_4468.jpg

Painted a pedestal base I had black.


Here's some finished pics. This table

thumbnail_IMG_0272.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0273.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0274.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0275.jpg

I also picked up this antique quarter sawn oak buffet. This compliments both tables nicely.

thumbnail_IMG_0310.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0242.jpg
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