52" Round Table Build - Fabric Size (1 Viewer)


Jul 13, 2020
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New York
I'm building a 52" round table topper for an existing round table.
Going to be ordering 3/10" HD Foam for the playing surface, 1" HD Foam for the rail, and Whisper Vinyl to cover the rail (think YAT to get it all).

Here's my question - all of those items come in a 54" width - is that enough to cover a 52" table?
Only gives me an inch of 'overhang' on the sides.

Would appreciate feedback from those who have done a round build before.

I guess it all depends on where the rail is going to be located. Mine has about 1.5"- 2" extra that goes around the side & is stapled on the bottom.

Not sure of your design though this might not be necessary.
I guess I should have clarified - it's the rail (and the foam and vinyl for it) that I'm a little worried I won't have enough extra overhang for, with 54" width on the foam and 54" width on the vinyl.
how did you end up handling this?

I want to build a 54” table and I’m anticipating the same issue
For a 52" table it was fine. You can see the results here: https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/round-table-top-build-jzs-poker-palace.109435/

For the vinyl, in hindsight I would have cut the inner circle into small triangles first - I tried starting with large cuts and that didn't work.
If your table is 54" then you're probably going to need multiple sheets. For the foam you should be fine just laying the sheets side-by-side, since the adhesive and the vinyl will keep it in place.
For the vinyl, you probably will have to get the two pieces stitched together and you'll have a seam in the rail.

Maybe consider going smaller by a couple of inches to avoid that.

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