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Jul 13, 2020
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New York
Wanted to share the build of the table topper I built for an existing table in my basement.
Currently have this table sitting in my basement, and while there is separate space for a full-size table (have a Barrington I re-felted) my game often needs a second table. Rather than try and work around this, I figured I'd turn into a table itself.


Taking inspiration from @bsdunbar1 and his round poker table top build, I set out to do the same.

The top was going to be 52" around - enough for 7 people comfortably in the space. Of course, with 48" wide plywood, meant having to put together pieces big enough for the cuts. Had home depot cut 8'x4' plywood in half and then had them do 1' cuts off the 'extra', so I had three 48" x 48" pieces and three 12" x 48" pieces. At this point, I enlisted the help of a friend who has a much more extensive shop and tool selection then me to get things into shape.

First, used dominos and wood glue to create the sheets large enough to cut:

Next, used a jig router to cut out the circle:
Screenshot 2023-08-25 121130.jpg

Now had the three layers, which were cut into their individual sizes for the rail, the base, and then a support ring, to keep the top from sliding off.

Lined up all three and inserted bolts to keep it together (and allow me to take it apart):


Next step was to put on the HD Foam from YAT and then a custom Chanman cloth for the base:


After each step I reattached the rail just to make sure everything was lining up correctly.

Then it was on to upholstering the rail. Used 1" foam, also from YAT. Here had to get a little creative, because the foam was only 54" wide, which didn't leave quite enough on the edge. Ended up slicing the middle 4 ways, which gave enough pull to stretch out the length I needed.


Now it was on to the whisper vinyl. Same issue as the foam, where it was only 54" wide, but figured I could solve the problem the same way; cut out the middle and stretch it enough to cover the whole rail. Let's just say the first attempt didn't go as planned. Partially that was because I didn't do a good enough job of alternating sides, and partially because of how the vinyl stretched when I did that (not evenly). Here's attempt #1:


So close, and yet, so far.
So, I proceeded to first remove all the staples for the outside and then re-attached it, and then did the same for the inside. While a lot of staples died a meaningless death because of me, the final product came out much better. Perhaps not as good as some folks here and not perfect, but nice enough that I wasn't going to try a third time.


Finally, the finished product:


Ordered some slide-under cup holders for drinks, but otherwise ready to go.
First game on it is scheduled for tonight!!
It's a gargoyle - logo I created. Have a similar logo on a set of cards mold chips I had made:
Not bad, wrapping a large oversized round rail is one of the toughest rail builds you can tackle. I did a 60" round once I swear I almost had a heart attack lol.
Not bad, wrapping a large oversized round rail is one of the toughest rail builds you can tackle. I did a 60" round once I swear I almost had a heart attack lol.

Thanks - definitely tested my patience to realize I was going to have to do it all over again, but so glad that I did.

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