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Friends of mine run an occasional tournament at their home. I have played in it 4 times to date, and am undefeated. I have won each and every time. not only that, but I have never finished worse than second in terms of bounties collected, and I have never re-bought.
I can't name some particular because there have been a lot games that kept being in my mind. Most of them were with friends and some years ago when we had some kind of "tournament run" over a few months.
A buddy of mine used to run a cash game at his house back in 06 that was a friggen gold mine. People used to show up and just dump off money all night. Wish that game never died. We also used to have a local Italian club that ran games that were great but they got shut down.
July 3rd of this year I played in a HO Charity tourney. $30.00 buy in, $30.00 add on on the break. There were approx 100-110 players. I ended up chopping First/Second place and walking out of there with almost 1k.
the first home game i found when i moved to jersey was a fucking cream dream. terrible chips (better than dice, but barely), terrible table, terrible chairs, but most importantly...terrible players.

it was $1/2 NL, but had a $500 cap. for some reason most people bought in for $400 which seemed like an odd amount, but they were good for at least two buy-ins a night. i ran so far above EV there that it's hard to believe. the game went every thursday night for just over two years. i missed as few times as i could and by the time the guy shut down the game, i had gone 96 for 98. i lost the second or third game i ever attended there and i lost the very last one, so i actually had a 95-game streak. ridiculous. guy claimed he shut the game down because he didn't have time as a kid was on the way, but i'm almost positive his wife made him stop running it because he was losing so much.
The best cash game I have ever played was very recently at my house. A friend of mine brought her boyfriend, who also brought a friend. These two craved action, and since they weren't very good I was happy to oblige. It started as a friendly .50/1 NLHE game and then they suggested switching to 1/2 PLO, which I was also happy to do. Between the two of them they dumped around $1300 in just under three hours and I was lucky enough to catch a majority of it. I'll probably never see them again, but that was for sure they best cash game I've ever played.
Flamingo Las Vegas, from 5 am-7am. If you're not pulling in $100 an hour, then you're the drunken buffoon frat-boy that will wake up around 1 pm and won't remember where all his money went.
twice in our home cash games I've cleared a $500.00 profit. Might not seem like a lot. The blinds are .25/.50 with a 60 max buy in, lol.
I hope expanding outside the home game is ok with this topic. The best long-term game I ever played was probably way back in the mid 2000's when we could still play on Party Poker here in the States. The fixed-limit Omaha hi/lo cash games were a frigging gold mine, and I supplemented my income and eventually quit my job for a few years just playing online.

My single best cash game experience ever was in 2007, my first trip to Vegas. My wife and I had partied at the Bluff Magazine WSOP party and then headed back to our hotel room. After 2 hours of sleep I woke up with the urge to play some poker, and took a cab over to Bellagio.

I bought in for $2,500 into a 40/80 mixed game. It was Omaha hi/lo, Stud hi/lo, 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball and Badugi. I had never played Badugi before, but it was similar enough to the other games that I picked it up quickly. I consider all of those my best games, but it didn't hurt that I also ran like a frigging god that morning.

I would hit Aces full and the nut low and get three people calling me to the river, it was a beautiful thing. In the span of 2 hours of playing I racked up a profit of $2,700. So I cashed out for $5,200 (in yellow $10 chips!)
Harrahs in New Orleans 1-2. You could buy-in up to largest stack, and there were several stacks over 2k. One drunk conventioneer who obviously hated money was raising blind to $15 every single hand. He lost a few thousand. One lady who was the biggest calling station I have ever seen luck sacked her way into about $2500 (she started with $300) and proceeded to donk all of it away over the course of about 3 hours.

I only profited about $400 the game but one of the regs prolly was up about 3k in about 3 hours before both conventioneer and calling station went busto.
Easy... 2002 Golden Tiger Poker. The 1/2nl game was awesome. I was a recent grad and wasn't making much money. Golden Tiger paid for my down payment on my condo.
Last Friday was a great game for me. Triple up just before the break. Ran card dead until heads up with 3bb and went on to win it.

Then em cleaned out the cash table within an hour.
Got into a super soft 10-20 at the bellagio about 18 months ago, which is rare. Made 15kish.

Best consistent game I played was either a home game in Bahrain where they played a nutso rotation, liked to gamble, and were bad. I averaged 1k a week in it, and a 5-t in Salinas that ran for about 8 hrs a wk - I averaged about 200/hr in it gambling it up.

Otherwise I have been in a ton of amazing games where I was stuck and tilted and making the games amazing for everyone else.
I'm making some games pretty good in Vegas this weekend. :(

If you can't call, RAISE

If you see every hand to showdown you will win every hand you're supposed to and can NEVER be bluffed

Hope that helps!
The pink chip game at AtLarge in Atlantic City. More fun than any other game on the planet.

FWIW, this year: At the Tropicana, April 17-19. :cool:
Honestly I hope I haven't played my best game yet and it's still out there somewhere in the future.

First time I played was at a super bowl party. I was buzzed and could do no wrong. There was a giant table of 12 players and someone was passing around tequila. Every time someone tried to go toe to toe I had the nuts or was the favorite which gave me a tight image so I could steal pots like a robbery. I was new to the game but got the basics down pretty quick. I ended up with top stack by end of the night and chopped 60/40 with 2nd place player who was a semi-pro ending up with 300 bucks in my pocket. The buy in was only 20 bucks but there were rebuys. I went on to learn some good things from the semi-pro, but that day started my poker journey. I was hooked.

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