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Mar 29, 2013
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Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton), FL
BARGE 2019 will be at Green Valley Ranch (2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson 89052) beginning Monday, July 29th – Saturday, August 3rd.

BARGE 2019 Schedule
(6/18/19 draft –tentative)


7:00 pm F*** Cancer No Limit Short Deck Hold’em (with rebuys) ($TBD)
unlimited $60 rebuys during first hour – must be below starting stack
all rebuy proceeds to be donated to American Cancer Society


Triathlon of Gambling ($40 side bet for ToGa r00lers)

11:00 am Blackjack ($TBD)

12:30 pm Video poker ($TBD)

2:00 pm Craps or Other Game ($TBD)

if we are not able to run these we will move up start time of 4 pm tournament

4:00 pm Six Handed Dealer’s Choice ($TBD)
No-Limit Hold’em; Limit Hold’em; Razz; Seven Card Stud; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Regular; Pot-Limit Hold’em; Pot-Limit Omaha; Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Pot-Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw; Big O; Limit Omaha High; Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw; Ace to 5 Lowball Triple Draw; Badugi; Badeucy; Badacy; No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw; No-Limit 5-Card Draw High

8:00 pm Second Chance Tournament: TESLA ($TBD)
limit mixed game – 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Seven Card Stud; A-5 California Lowball; Archie


11:00 am Pot Limit HORSE ($TBD)
stud games will be played Mississippi-style

4:00 pm Second Chance Tournament: Oklahoma ($TBD)
limit triple board Omaha 8 or better, board(s) with lowest river card(s) are removed before river betting

7:00 pm Limit 6 Game ($TBD)


10:00 am CHORSE

4:00 pm Pot Limit Omaha (with lammers) ($TBD)

8:00 pm Second Chance Tournament: Korean ($TBD)
triple draw hi-lo split game with pair or better qualifier for high and no pair qualifier for A-5 low


11:00 am Mike Sexton Original TOC-Style ($TBD)

5:00 pm Symposium

6:00 pm Speaker: Adam Pliska, President and CEO of WPT

6:30 pm BOD meeting

7:00 pm TOC restart

8:00 pm Second Chance Tournament: Limit Hold’Em (Win the Button) ($TBD)


10:30 am No Limit Hold'em Main Event ($TBD)

11:00 am Significant Others' Mixed Hold'em ($TBD)

12:00 pm Group Picture

5:00 pm Dinner Break

8:00 pm NLHE restart and Reindeer Games
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