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Apr 28, 2013
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I am a fan of the Game Of Thrones, but lately the episodes seemed to be dragging on.
The character storyline I always look forward to, is Daenerys Targaryen(Mother of Dragons).
Although at times she comes across annoying and whiny, I love the whole dragon plot, and the scene at the end of Season3-Ep4 was amazing! *Spoiler*
The moment when Daenerys spoke in her mother tongue (Valyrian), thus revealing she understood every slanderous word Kraznys had said about her during their negotiations, for the army of Unsullied.
The look on his face... Priceless. Then Daenerys made that bad ass move, when she roared out orders to her new army, telling them to kill their masters and set the slaves free, at that point I was on the edge of my seat.
And to top it all off, she set the army of Unsullied free, giving them the choice to follow her.
Now, not only does she have the Unsullied, an army of warriors to be reckoned with, but she most importantly has their loyalty. An item more powerful than the golden whip, which in that memorable scene she cast aside, showing it's hold over the army was now worthless, as she herself took it's place. *goosebumps*

I am still waiting patiently for her storyline to be extended. I was completely horrified after S3 E6 was shown and the Daenerys storyline didn't even make an appearance! The next episode must be based more around her story (I hope.).
I suppose we shall see.
What do you think of the Game Of Thrones?
Unfortunately I have no idea what would be on Game of Thrones next. I do not own a television! The main reason for this is that if I want to watch anything, I can just watch it on the internet. Also, I have no space for a separate television.
Walking Dead, and Arrow are my TV fixes, though I have been watching the West Wing in syndication lately . . . caught up on the ending of the series this week.
GoT seems to be dragging on cause they have so many characters to cover each week, it's probably the one way they will keep the show going for so long. Since each character gets their own chapter in the book, they can't really do that in the show and dedicate an episode to a single char each week, like they kind of did in S1. Other than that The Walking Dead, VEEP, Arrested Development (4 more days!), Community, Parks & Rec, and until last Thurs The Office. I've been meaning to watch The Cape and Arrow, but I need their early seasons to release on Hulu for me to catch up.

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