Amazing Holiday Light Show A Few Towns Away From Me (1 Viewer)


A new beginning
Oct 28, 2014
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Tampa FL
Came across this, could only get one of the houses in the shot. There are two adjacent houses that are both synched with the music. They have signs in front saying "tune to 107.1" and then both houses match up with the music playing. It's not just one song, it's multiple songs and shows they have on display.

You can't tell from my video, but in some of the windows there are projections of videos or holograms or something of Santa and Mrs. Claus moving around as well.

Damn that's cool. I can not imagine all the work it takes to accomplish that.

You learn to appreciate that even more if you have some lights of your own. Every year I string lights around the front of my house and up and down my roof. And every year I need to replace like 5 strands of lights. I probably have about 20 strands total and it drives me nuts to have to replace that many every year. The lights are getting so expensive and they don't last nearly as long as they used to. And they don't cover as much as they used to as well...manufacturers are placing the lights closer together on the strands so you need to buy more...bah humbug :rolleyes:
The Star Wars one is cool, but I found the one near me to have a lot more songs, lights and programming work.

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