Unreal historical poker set. Deserves to be in the Smithsonian. (1 Viewer)


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Sep 11, 2014
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Joking aside, these are completely amazing. In terms of historical sets, these are only second to the Truman set so far as I know.

I could never in good conscience buy ivory chips even if available, but I would love to have something similar.
Set is worthless. Stupid denominations. Only 99 5s. Only a rack of most values (a rack and a half of a couple). What was he thinking?

I have no problem with the idea of buying a historical ivory chip set like this. It is pretty epic. And I don't think historical artifacts are driving the current immoral ivory trade. I could be wrong about that.

Never handled ivory chips, but I'd love to see how they stack. Maybe poorly, thus the need for many denominations, to keep more stacks of fewer chips?

I can't imagine the patience it took to hand scribe and dye all those chips.
That whole article and no mention of the fact that Josephine is misspelled on the 5 ?
That whole article and no mention of the fact that Josephine is misspelled on the 5 ?

lol, good eye. I wonder if that is just an error chip, or if all the fivers are like that.
Yeah they would have to be making change and adding cash left and right. The engraving was what i thought was great, I really like the font.
Very surprised the purple was so bright. Crazy that old boy had the hundreds. A hundred back then was like 3k now.
If the set was ever played, I would imagine the played 5-card stud, 4-6 handed. Probably had a $1 ante, $5 small bet, and a $10 big bet. Thats like $150/$300.
I would mop that game up if i was just a peasant. lol
I'd guess the chip values start at 1,000 but there just wasn't room for the zeros (and that would be very roughly $25,000 in today's dollars). So the "100" chip represented $10,000 back then or $250,000 in todays dollars. Still chump change for the Heroes of today's society - representing a few minutes of "work".


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