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Aug 29, 2023
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Lake Zurich, IL
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Poker Chip Forum,
Well, it’s reluctantly time to part ways with my mint condition set I’ve been sitting on for over 10 years. Perfect amount for 1-2 or 2-5 cash games.

$100- 20
$25- 20
$5- 180
$1- 225, 25 of which are NCV
Blue NCV- 75
Total chips= 520
I’d love to sell these as a set & make the process an easy one, but if I have to break it up it’d be minimum barrels of 20. As for my credibility, this is my first go at selling on the Poker Chip Forum, but I was a Member of Chip Talk back in the day, which helped steer me to the Paulsons in the first place. Anyone can PM me for a link to my Facebook page, which is where I have a few German car parts for sale, as well as my transaction history.
Thanks & look forward to a smooth transaction ! Asking $5 per chip


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Friend said my initial pictures weren’t clear enough or up close enough. Hope these are better.
Friday Bump. Any comments, questions or concerns? Send a note! Someone would like these in their Easter basket!
Thank you
Are you in the market? Or, like most here, have waaaay too many chips in your collection?
Hello Poker Chip Forum,
Been out of town for a couple weeks and my attention to selling my chips has been on the back burner. To put things back on the “front burner” & to keep your interest & potentially garner the right offer, I’m adding more pictures of the condition & edges. Last photo is of the Warneke boxes I got from Spinetti’s. Watching the video on how to assemble them was actually very helpful, as I was folding the end tabs backwards. I’m asking $2600 for the set, will consider breaking it up, sadly, but not until I have commitment for entire lot. I’ll gladly pay for shipping.


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To change gears here,
Any car fans among you? I drove from Chicago to Orlando to pick this up last week. 1962 Chevy Nova. I’m quite happy
(Hope it’s okay to post non chip pics, car is not for sale)


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Great looking chips! I contacted you via Facebook marketplace. Just wanted to say hello here. I’ll keep you posted on what we talked about. GLWS
Sold! Thanks for the help, Poker Chip Forum. I’ll post my Knights chips next, as soon as I track them down in the archives.
Royal Flush, I hate to ask, but can you translate that for me?
This was the first paulson group buy that was set up pre-chiptalk, which lead to chiptalk website. Someone else might want to cite specific info
I see. I was on Chip talk, way back in the day. Was not aware they had a group buy. Do you remember the price point for them? I can’t remember what I paid for mine.
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