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Nov 7, 2014
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Ok, I will try this thread out! If it fails, it fails. I know you guys love hot sauce and there are SOOOOO many out there, so many different styles, heats, flavors etc. I have been a fan of watching Hot Ones recently and I am intrigued by delicious sauces that bring heat, but not soul scorching heat...not a fan of misery. I am certainly not extremely experienced in hot sauces, but anyway, here are a few of my favorites....some classics, some actually really great hot sauces...

Tabasco: Hell yeah! My eggs feel naked without it at times. Great on a breakfast burrito or even on pizza


Tapatio: Now tapatio will always have a place in my heart. Until recently, it has been a staple in my bloody mary and has found its way onto every taco, burrito, quesadilla etc for YEARS. However, now I feel it is time to move on. That said Tapatio is still my number one hot sauce for any "Bertos" mexican fast food. ie "Albertos", "Rigobertos" etc"


Sriracha: This one I do like, I have found many uses for it particularly on breakfast sandwiches like sausage egg muffins etc


Dirty Dicks: I have had one bottle of this a few years ago -- currently have 2 more on the way -- I recall this being, yes HOT, but extremely delicious. I can't wait to try it again in a few days!


Newly Acquired - Whoop Ass: I got the 3 pack pictured below. I am brand new to it and have only had the a finger taste of the green Habanero (HOT) and the roasted garlic (delicious). The bacon went on my eggs this AM and also in my bloody mary -- it was solid, not too spicy and worked well on the eggs and in the bloody


Franks: Goes on my wings (sometimes) when I want a traditional buffalo sauce


My ABSOLUTE GO TO - Secret Aardvark Habanero: I put this shit on almost everything. Any mexican food, bloody mary, hot wings, you name it. LOVE this sauce!!!

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this guy here?

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same as this...

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DONE. BOOM. Ordered 2 bottles just now -- you sold me!!!!
I’m not sure tbh if they have different heat levels, but I’ve seen different packaging. All I know is the one I pictured is the one my Trinidadian nanny buys me.

The problem with most hot sauces is that they swing for the fences (and deliver) on heat, but they have no complexity or flavor other than heat, and they overwhelm the flavor of the food. Or, they have great flavor and compliment the food, but lack real heat. Berties has both. Only sauce I’ve ever had like that.

Another favorite in the flavor department, but with less heat, is this Jamaican hot sauce.

I just spent WAAAAY too long just now looking for Bertie's in Australia. Can't find it anywhere!

I had to choose between Secret Aardvark Habanero and Bertie's on my last trip and went with SA. Definitely a tasty sauce. Maybe the slightest bit too sweet and not spicy enough for me but flavour is great. You wouldn't think something that tastes like it does would be so versitle at first but after a while you realize you can add it to pretty much anything and it just works.
I’m surprised at the amount of people that like Tabasco. Not because it isn’t good, I love it on almost everything-such a unique flavor, but I just figured that the world of hot sauce might be like beer and everybody would be too cool for Tabasco. I guess I felt like it would be the bud light in a room full of micro brew snobs. :D

@Big Jilm your first three, especially the top two, plus cholula will always be in my house.
Here's my currently starting lineup (with reserves to the back):


Pretty much all these are my staples. I order the Naga Jolokia and Scotch Bonnet from Melinda's 2 at a time since they're not available anywhere locally. The breakdown:

Melinda's: All pictured are amazing. The 2x and xxx are kind of generic... but tasty. All but the garlic are great in pretty much everything from chili to breakfast burritos*.

*AKA Moxie Mike's Badass Breakfast Burritos. Guaranteed not to disappoint. PPF&F $5 for the recipe.

Tapatio: Mi Amore. Es muy bueno en total.

Louisiana: mild AF but delicious on sandwiches. Great in bloody marys due to Jimmy Buffett's rule about no picante sauces in BMs.

El Yucateco red & green: outstanding in any and all Mexican food including my patented dish: Moxie Mike's Badass Bean Dip. PPF&F $5 for the recipe :)

Valentina: Decent overall flavor but low spice factor. Good when paired with stronger sauces.

Bufalo (4th from the right). Tastes terrible in everything except for breakfast burrito mix. Worthy of the cabinet for BBs alone.

Want more? Ask my 9 yr old, who's hot sauce palate is no joke:

Hot sauce and salsa is a great thing when you get it in bottles but there is nothing better than homemade. I like a little Tabasco but nothing beats some of the hot sauces here in Taco Capitol otherwise knoe as San Antonio. We, like Guadalajara and its Churches we have a taco place almost on every corner of the street!
Have you tried any other Melinda's flavors? Gotta tell ya... I've tried this one with several others and while it's decent unfortunately it didn't earn it's rightful place in the cabinet.
Well, I'm not a man of the world like you, so my experience with hot sauces is limited. :) But I do like this one and the hotter one with the white label. There are other brands that do similar, probably better, but this is the first one I tried that was really different from the common ones around here. Nice heat, but it tastes good, and isn't just heat and vinegar.
Definitely going to be buying some suggestions here. Couple of my staples over the last few years:

Heinie’s Market Vidalia Onion and Jalapeño. So tasty. Heinie’s is a seasonal produce market just down the road from me and when I can get in there next I will he buying every bottle they have (maybe). So good on breakfast burritos.


(Pictured empty because it was my emergency bottle at work so I had to tell my wife to go find more. They were sold out the rest of their season and so I haven’t had any in like 7 months.)

They also have a habanero sauce that is wonderful as well. My wife doesn’t care for hot sauces but likes the habanero one mixed with sour cream to cut the heat.

DL Jardine’s Texas Champagne. I love this stuff on a ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.


Those mentioned and a bottle of Frank’s will cover most every situation for me.
I like Tabasco but I like their company values even more. There are a couple of short docu type videos on their history, production etc that are worth a watch. I respect the hell out of a family owned company that has been around as long as they have!
I like Tabasco but I like their company values even more. There are a couple of short docu type videos on their history, production etc that are worth a watch. I respect the hell out of a family owned company that has been around as long as they have!

Tobasco and Franks are to hot sauce what porn is to guys who've never gotten laid :)

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