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Mar 23, 2013
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We are having a photo contest for the best splash/PrOn photo. The winner will have their photo as PokerChipForum's background wallpaper for a month! To be eligible, your photo will have to meet a few requirements.

  • Only one photo may be submitted.
  • Photo dimensions: 1900px (w) x 1200px (h) (if its close, I can edit it to make it work)
  • Any kind if signs, banners, messages, should be avoided. Just chips please.

Remember, I can't use a big file size image for a background image as that would cause slow page loads. The photo that wins will be edited to adjust its file size and dimensions. Some quality will be lost.

To enter, just post your photo or link to it in this thread.
Be sure to have the photo that you are submitting in the minimum size stated above somewhere, as the forum will automatically re-size images to a smaller size so it fits better in the post. If your photo wins, I will ask you to email it to me. Thanks!

You have until 7/31/13 to enter. At that time a new thread and poll will be started with all eligible photos. Members will then have a period of time to cast their votes.

Now let's see some cool pics! :cool:
I'll start.

I like it... just be sure to have this photo in the minimum size somewhere (in case you win) as the forum will re-size images automatically to a smaller size so it fits better in the post.
Bump...looks like AfterTheFact may just win by default. LOL ;)
Here's my photo I'm submitting.


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Here is my photo

Some chips and a little fake cash.


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Love those custom ASMs... the fake cash is awesome! :)
Royal Yak Splash

Hmmm...I'm obviously not a photographer. Maybe I should hire one. Oh well...it's a chance to get some Yaks into the game. More tourney chips will be here in August, but a bit too late for this.


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Thanks for the submissions. This thread is now closed.
A new thread and poll will be started soon to pick the winner.
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