Should I reduce the stakes? (1 Viewer)

I set expectations with my players.

Make it clear that the game has a start and end time, you want players to have multiple buy ins to keep the game going, and ask them how much they want to risk over the entire night. From there you can settle on a median amount, split that into 3 100 BB buy ins, and set your blinds appropriately.

Yes there's a chance someone could burn through 3 buy ins in 3 hands, but that's unlikely. Maybe one player is a huge gambler, so he should bring 6 buy ins. Adjust as needed...
I think I should do $10-$20 buy-in and encourage people to rebuy if they brought the money for it.0
I have heard that you should be prepared to buy in 3 times at whatever stake you are comfortable at. For me personally, I would encourage folks to bring 3x-4x the buy in. if you play a $.5/$.10 game with a $10 buy-in, tell them to bring about $30-$40. For $.25/$.25 blinds, with a buy-in of $25, I would encourage folks to bring $75-$100. The reason it is 3 to 4x the buy in is because someone will get a bad beat, bust out and you don't want to leave the table short-handed, and when you buy back in you want to buy in for even more the second time so that you're not starting back as the short stack. If you can only afford to pay 1 buy-in, then you're playing too high stakes. There is so much variation in poker.
You stress out about a fun game. This isn't KGB's or VORSHAY'S.


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I feel like you’re just overthinking this too much, paralysis by analysis… I’m sure it’s been said what chips you have and your breakdown (btw wtf no pics??) but just use what you have and/or add some nickels. Drop the stakes so the games more fun for everyone and lasts longer. I just got back into poker last year after several years off and my experience from hosting lately is having a good environment that’s conducive of having fun. It’s supposed to be fun… in high school/college we used a cheap piece of felt from Joanne on a folding table with dice chips and that was an awesome game for us. Just enjoy the process and having a fun night with your friends.
I started the game with $.1/.2 but the denominations are 100x bigger(so 100 means $1 ) I feel that actually helped because people would raise a lot less

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