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Feb 20, 2023
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South Jordan, Utah
Wondering if anyone had any info/pics on the Skyline Ceramics seeing as samples aren’t offered via Lot of money to spend on a set just to wind up hating them.
There was this tread below, looks like they have added some denoms since this post. If you are looking for ceramic you could also check out the group buy listed below also.
The skyline chips in that thread are not ceramics. The 15g (15g!) weight is from a slug. These look to be injection molded plastic.
Since I havent found any info about these skyline poker chips in internet (from what I know it's new design out for maybe few months) I decided to check them out myself. Im lokikng for good quality and nice design for my new tournament set, and these may do the job. For me i would change some colors/denoms but my bigest concern is edgespots witch colors i dont really like in 1K and T500, and 100k chip colour. Unfortunatley I dont think any customisation is posible with this set. I bought these chips not from but from but those are very similar stores. Quality I think is what you would expect from ceramik chips, they seam to stack well, maybe some slipery isuues would ocure, in some chips you can se that edges aren't perfectly aligned. I personaly dont know how I feel about color brightnes, in my photos they look nice but shots were made in strong light, from photos that i found on pokermerchant ig they look kinda dark.


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