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Mar 29, 2020
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I'm going to buy Pelican 1400
Is it possible to insert 100chip(4×25)tray with rid(w216h51d80mm) vertically 2 x 3?
I tried it with My Case Builder, but some trays show that I need to cut the bottom
I don’t like Pelican 1500 is too big to carry 500-700 chip
But,,If 1400 is impossible, make it 1500


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I don't own a Pelican case for chips, but I think it is standard to use chip trays without lid. The lid is not necessary to keep the chips in place, and lids take a lot of space.
I do not own a "travel case" because my chips only travel on the seat of my car. For me, an acrylic case that holds six racks is secure enough.

It is typical procedure to stack full racks on top of each other. If the chips are compressed clay like Paulsons, the weight will be evenly distributed across the bottom rack of chips and no damage should occur. If the chips are injected molded plastic, they are virtually indestructible, and will be fine.

There are many different cases used by different members. Use the "Search" feature and check here:

Some of the site sponsors (found under "Marketplace") sell cases as well.

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