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Nov 7, 2014
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I haven't left the house, other than to go for a walk, for a week and I am going a little stir crazy.

I would love to hear the histories of home games members have regularly attended or hosted. What makes the game special, including colorful descriptions of one or two stand-out villains and the format/stakes.

Hopefully, this will have an international flavor, with members from across the border and oceans participating.

Pictures are encouraged.
I’m still picking a set (yes, samples have been ordered, I’m a good boy ) and looking for fellow players in my area, so I’m especially curious to hear about how other people started their regular games :)

How did you find other regulars? How much problems did you encounter with local/national authorities? How much gear were you able to buy before your significant other started to take notice? I’m all ears
In January of 2000, I was 22 years old and had just bought my first house. Before all the furniture and appliances I bought were delivered I bought two 60” round tables from Sam’s club and 16 folding chairs. I covered the tables with some rubber and green speed cloth. I had a set of dice chips from Trademark and had my first game in the living room of the house before I was even moved in!

The game was made up of friends and few friends of friends. We played $20 Hold’em tournaments with 25/50c cash games as people busted out. At some point I learned about PLO which became our cash game of choice since we were usually short handed. We would often play 3 handed until 6am when the Beatles hour would come on the classic rock station.

We would get 12-15 players for the tournament and we played that same way for a few years until the losing players started dropping off and we were down to 6-7 people.

Thankfully about that time I found the Cleveland Poker Meetup Group and I was opened up to a whole new network of players and games.

Many of the people I met through the CPMG have become very good friends over the years. We have become a second family of sorts, vacation together, weddings, funerals, etc.

Also about this time I moved into a bigger house and was able to make the whole basement my poker room. The first house the basement was used as the family room so it was tight squeeze with the poker tables. I had to move the couches every time to set up the tables.

Having a space for just poker I bought 2 oval tables that were set up all the time and I still had the 2 round tables. With all of these tables I hosted our groups first ever team tournament. 39 people! 13 teams of 3. It was the largest game in our group to that point. It went of very well but was a lot of work.

Then 11 years ago I met the woman who would become my wife. She still laughs about when she first came to my house and what a total bachelor pad it was. I had 2 poker friends living with at the time. I had a poker table in the dining room lol. We played Xbox daily, either Rock Band or Call of Duty.

Within 2 years we were married and the friends were moved out. 2 years after that the first of our 4 kids were born and poker was just about dead in my house. I was down to 1 table that almost never got used. I was still able to play at other games and at the casino occasionally.

Then 4 years ago my wife wanted to move. She wanted our own home that we bought together. My one requirement was a poker room with its own entrance and bathroom. The realtor didn’t believe how serious I was about it at first lol. Eventually we found the home we are in now and it has everything we both wanted.

I now can host games whenever I want for the most part. I added a second table for the rare occasion that I want to have a tournament as well.

Here is a link with a lot of pics of my current set up, players, chips, etc.’s-cash-games-pics-and-stories.32215/
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