One of the sickest double board omaha high hands I've ever witnessed (2 Viewers)

Anthony Martino

Royal Flush
Sep 26, 2015
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Round Rock, TX
Played a 10/20 fixed limit dealers choice mixed game last night, guy calls 5-card double board omaha high only.

He winds up making:

bottom straight flush on top board

set of aces on bottom board

He's up against a lady who makes the top straight flush up top............and rivers the nut straight on the bottom to scoop his ass. Dude looked shellshocked like none I've ever seen.

Up top there was :6d::5d::4d: on the board and he had :3d::2d: in his hand and she had :9d::8d::7d: in hers.
Just reached out to the guy who took the beat and he sent me the shot

Didn't take any pictures, but a few years ago playing 3-hand holdem, I flopped TTTT on the top board. Don't remember when we got it in, but the other guy had AA and went runner-runner royal up top for the scoop. :vomit::vomit::vomit:

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