New Jersey Man Urinates on Slot Machine at Parx Casino (1 Viewer)

William Robert Compton, 53, of Manalapan, was arrested on Friday after he allegedly relieved himself in the coin tray of a slot machine at Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Typo in the article title makes this story even better - it's "in"... not "on"...

let he who hasn't pissed on a slot machine cast the first stone.
Lets face it, any slot player has felt this way at one time or another.

it's a tribute to the power of marketing that a moron sitting in front of a machine literally doing nothing but pressing a button actually believes that he is "playing" a game. there is nothing more depressing in a casino than walking through the field of slack faces of people who look like dogs who have just been shown a card trick as they blankly feed their social security checks into a machine and pray for a 98% return.
I have never, ever pissed in a slot machine.

I may have tried to put coins in the urinal on more than one occasion.
(If you think I'm kidding....
....I am.)
almost started a new thread, but i realized we already have a "drunken pennsylvania shit" thread. this story is amazing:

The wedding night fight at the Blue Falls Grove venue started when a guest noticed that the 14-year-old was drunk. The woman scolded the boy’s mom for letting the teen guzzle beer at the reception.

“The mother responded with a punch to that woman’s face,” [Northern Berks Regional Police Chief Scott] Eaken said.

As the two women started to brawl, a third wedding guest tried to break up the fight — but the dueling women punched him and broke his glasses, police said.

By the time cops arrived, there were drunken “fights everywhere,” Eaken said.

“We went there with the intent of telling everyone to leave and go home, but that unfortunately didn’t happen,” Eaken said.

Instead, the groom challenged the cops to a duel.

Units from the Fleetwood, Hamburg, Penn State Berks and Wyomissing departments responded, along with Bern, Spring, Tilden and Muhlenberg police and two Reading police K-9 units. The Berks County sheriff’s office sent a prisoner transport vehicle.

Brian R. Pelker, 46, of the 400 block of Hill Road, South Heidelberg Township, refused to get out of the way, yelled at officers and took on a fighting stance. After warning him to get out of the way. Barrow used a stun gun on him to no effect. He tried to use the stun gun again but Pelker only got more aggressive, so Barrow took him down with a baton.

Once on the ground, Pelker struggled with officers and grabbed one of them in the crotch before he was subdued.
Great deflection from morons in Jersey to drunktards in PA, couselor. I'm grateful, and humbled to acknowledge my own relative hotbed of learning and culture.

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