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Dec 20, 2021
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boston, ma
Hi all,

What started as an accidental find after searching DIY poker sets, my time so far on here has been a gratifying rabbit hole of viewing countless custom sets and the journey some folks go in creating them. Ultimately, I plan to get together a small cash set and then tourney set for small home games. Been following apache, Tina sets, various group buys, and learning from other creations. It's been very fun and glad to have joined the forum!

Welcome! I've only been here about a month and have already ordered over 2,300 chips. :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
Welcome Ricky!!! We all stumbled on this site by accidentally googling poker questions...Mine was to build a poker table....
Besides accomplishing that, my table needed a custom cloth, some better chips to replace my dice chips, Dealer buttons, plastic cards, etc etc etc.
What we all have in common, is a much lighter wallet from when we entered this site, but we just love it don't we???
Enjoy the ride.
rabbit hole.jpg
They closed everything where I am in Metrowest. You would have thought there was a Class 5 hurricane coming. I think we got half an inch after it was all said and done. How'd you guys do?
Welcome to PCF ! We ended up with maybe an inch of snow just outside of Springfield. Also everything was closed, man times have changed.

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