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Apr 1, 2015
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I just thought I would share some pics of my first table build over the last month. Thanks to all those who have built tables before and posted threads and plans! (especially Tony Chan)This is the table that was my inspiration and it's plan was posted on before it closed.
This is a cell phone picture of the ply once I had done all my cuts. A couple things I wished I had done different. One was I wished I would have used a lower quality ply for the rail to cut down on the cost a little. Two, I wished I would have sized the plywood down after making the jig semi-circle cuts and not after. I found that when the router bit reached the cut edge it tended to wobble a bit and the cuts weren't perfect. I ended up sanding down the edges, but the finished product was not perfectly symmetrical.
poker table cuts done.jpg
This is a picture of the staining of the bottom piece. It is a min wax ebony stain with 3 coats of wipe on poly. I don't have a garage or a workshop which really sucks so the process was taken upstairs to my kids play room. The size of the table is 44 by 92.
You can see the rings that I cut out for the cup holders. I used a router for this and a jig, but I think next time I am going to try to use the hole saw twice.
These are some pics of the upholstering process. I found the padded suede from YAt extremely easy to work with. No wrinkles and not a lot of fuss the first time upholstering

upholstering 3.jpg
upholstering 2.jpg
Only thing about the padded suede that was a bit tricky was keeping it from tearing too much when doing the cuts for the inside curves
This is a shot of the speed cloth going on. I don't know if there is a huge quality difference between suppliers, but the kem cards I have rip across the YAT suited speed cloth
speed cloth.jpg

And finally, the finished product. Not perfect, but turned about pretty good. One thing that I screwed up on is that I am one suited upholstery nail short on the inside rail. The other thing that was a bit of an error was that my rail thickness was a few mm higher than the height of the foam on the playing surface. I had to put some spacers on the top of the inside wood rail in order for the cards to not slip under. Also, my veneer edging was not perfect and has some tears in it. That stuff is harder to work with than it should be, but the curves of the table do not help

table 2.jpg
Question for everyone. Now that it is built I would like to sell it to recover some of the costs of the tools I bought specifically for it and build another. What would you try to sell it for?
Question for everyone. Now that it is built I would like to sell it to recover some of the costs of the tools I bought specifically for it and build another. What would you try to sell it for?

2-3x materials cost. What does that put you at? $400-$600?
Our exchange rate is pretty poor right now at 79 cents on the dollar so we pay a 20 percent premium on materials out of the US. There is about 500 CAD in materials.
Nice work. Glad some of the info on pokertableforum was helpful to you. The Canadian dollar sure does suck and it looks like you bought most of your materials from the US. You can try to sell it for what you think is fair on craigslist/kijiji. The fact that it's custom built makes it more valuable than the other generic tables but also makes it a hard sell since whoever wants to buy it might not want all the features you put into it like the suede and deco nails.

You might want to try to find a pair of used pedestals to put on the table. It bumps up the value quite a bit and I see people tossing away pedestal tables all the time.

GL with the sale and looking forward to seeing your next build.
Congrats. Looks very nice, especially for a first build. Good luck on the next one!

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