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Apr 20, 2024
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Sterling, VA
Hey all - I'm interested in getting a Bond-themed topper made, but am looking for some design inspiration. I surprisingly haven't seen anyone mirror the Casino Royal table from the movie, though that design would be quite simple. Any good or bad examples you've seen out there?
The table from the movie is huge. Seating for 10 + dedicated dealer, and every 2 people get a generously sized drink table on between. Otherwise, the felt is a classic green with a small "Casino Royale" text logo in gold in front of the dealer.

I will be designing 2 felts soon with my own James Bond inspired elements, based on a custom CPC set I had made as well as an older ceramic set. They will go with my custom blackjack and roulette tables (also Bond-themed).

Found this one on the interwebs, adding for reference. Credit: https://www.chanmanpokertables.com/gallery?lightbox=dataItem-iye36a5c7

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