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Dec 29, 2017
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Re-organized two previous sale threads to group chips into more useful format. Unfortunately I have some funeral expenses to cover.


Are you a fan of leaded clay chips? Paulson THC? James Bond? Please read on.
Overall, these chips don't need much of an introduction. Paulson CDI98 fantasy series, TRIBUTE to the production design chips as seen in License To Kill (1989). Don't let anyone tell you that this chip series was made for the movie or used on screen - they were not. However, they remain excellent quality compression clay chips from the Paulson era of 1998, when they were phasing lead out of their manufacturing process but hadn't quite fully completed the transition.

1) Cash Denomination Set - $791 SOLD!


$1136 (@$3.50)VG-EXless than 5% VG, most EX
$530 (@$3.50)VG-EXa few chips VG, most EX
$25 (shaped inlay)30 (@$7)EX-NMpristine, uncleaned, unoiled

Build upon this set over time until you have what you need to cover your table. Shaped-inlay $25 for enhanced security, since they are so much rarer/hard to obtain. Only needs a couple barrels of $1 and balance of a couple racks of $5 to make a 1-table playable cash set, and those chips are out there in quantity.
**Bonus offer** I have up to one rack of inlay-replaced fracs (0.25) made from CdM 1 chips that can be purchased with these chips for additional cost, PM for details

2) Tournament Denomination Set - $444 SOLD!


$2518 (@$3)VG-EX
$10037 (@$4)VG-EXsome split spots
$50039 (@$6)VG-EXbest condition of the set
$10006 (@$8)VG-EX

Build upon this set as a T25-base single table tournament. I know that @JMC9389 has inlay-replaced $1K denom chips that will pair perfectly with these, and I know where some more $500s from another member are available.
**Bonus offer** I do have some more $25 and $100 chips that I can sell to bring you up to tourney quantities (i.e. balance of full rack or 120, etc.) but only for a single table, at additional cost. PM me for details.

Other Terms and Conditions:

Payable by PPFF, or PPGS with additional 4% (Canada/USA) or additional 6% (rest of world) to cover fees.
FREE Expedited/Tracked shipping via Canada Post to all Canada/USA addresses. I will cover 1/2 cost of shipping to other destinations worldwide via Canada Post. Local purchasers can pick up at no additional cost.
I will also gift you CDI98-themed cut cards (bridge- and/or poker-sized, per buyer's preference).

Peruse my feedback and purchase with confidence. Feel free to ask questions in sale thread or by PM.
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I'm sorry to hear about the untimely need for expenses, my condolences :(
Set 1 pending as well.

Thread will close once payment is received. Until then, feel free to ask questions.

I may start trimming additional tourney denoms in playable sets, but only if there is real interest. Prices will be higher because condition is better.
My first unobtanium set when my budget shit its pants at the thought of paying $2/chip!
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