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Nov 7, 2014
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Lafayette, CO
We’ve got a dining room table which we like the size and how crazy sturdy it is, but have grown tired of the metal table top surface. It’s always cold…. and not really our aesthetic anymore.

I was thinking a wood “topper” similar to what I’ve seen on poker tables here might be a solution. Budget is a factor though, and I literally have no clue if getting a custom woods topper made is in the neighborhood of a few hundred bucks or a few thousand??? Any guesses of a ballpark of what something like might cost?

I assume the price varies considerably based on wood type and level of detail. We’d be content with a very basic species and don’t really need anything uber fancy design-wise. We like the clean, simple look (fwiw, table is 44x84” - pics attached)

PS: @alecnetwoodworks - Love all your stuff I’ve seen here. Not sure if you’re still around these parts and/or doing custom jobs anymore? I seem to recall you lived in the Denver area? Would this be the type of job you do as well?


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Shoot me a PM and we can talk details and pricing for what you’re looking for.

A veneered sheet of hardwood plywood with some matching hardwood edge banding will be the most affordable option by far, but not the most durable. Species won’t affect the total cost as much here since most quality ply I can get locally runs about $125-$200 assuming common domestic woods. And the type of finish chosen will affect cost the most. (More durable spray on finishes add a ton of labor costs)

With a solid hardwood topper, species chosen will greatly affect the cost. Labor here will be much higher to build the top but you’ll have a much more durable top that can be refinished or repaired easier.

If you have young kids, I would probably avoid the plywood option as the veneers are quite thin and scratches that go through the veneer are not easily repairable.

Cost on either option can come down considerably if I’m just building and you handle finishing.
One thing to consider is how much a wood cover will raise the height of the table. Poker mats are pretty thin; not sure that you’d be able to use wood that thin. Might need to cut the legs down.

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