Hi from a frenchie in Atlantic Canada :-) (1 Viewer)


Full House
Nov 7, 2014
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NB Canada - Maine's next door neighbour
Hey everyone, been away from chipping for a bit and see the action has changed places.
Fell off the wagon so here I am. Where the chips at? ;)

Btw, i'm perfectly bilingual (english/french) so if anyone ever needs help translating something french here or on eBay hit me up.
Google translate is not always your friend, lol.

Salut les amis!
Welcome to Poker Chip Forum!
Welcome! I am sourrounded by French and German, I struggle with German and I have not yet started to struggle with French :)
I'm in the American south, so many of the people I deal with still struggle with English. :p

Good to see you aboard!

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