"Golden Nickel" 44mm CPC set (1 Viewer)

Jan 8, 2018
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I'm nearly done designing my first (and I told my girlfriend, my last :whistle: :whistling:) custom clay cash set. I'm going with 500 44mm CPC's in the A mold.

For background on the name - the "Golden Nickel" was the name of a Casino in my hometown. A couple decades ago the tribe who ran it rebranded all of its casinos to the tribe's name.

Add my name to the list of people who are very glad they got samples. I now know for sure that I like the 44mm over the 39mm, and after seeing the colors in person I went with Retro Red over Red, Dayglo Tiger over Dayglo Peach, and Blurple over Lavender.
Golden Nickel Mockup.png

I'm having a graphic designer help me finish the inlay text & denominations. Black $1's, Red $5's and green 25 (no denom, will play as $25 or 25¢ depending on the crowd)

I reached out to @Ken to see if he would be willing to 3D print me some of his 44mm 25x4 racks, and he's been extremely helpful - here's a mockup he sent over the other day.

Since it's "Golden Nickel" I've decided to paint the inside of the debossed lettering with a gold paint. After a fair bit of internet research I've decided to make my own liquid paint out of gold leaf.

Now I just have to wait ~6 months for David to put the 44mm's in rotation.
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