Collecting (ordering closed) Fournier 2826 Bridge Jumbo Setup with Case (1 Viewer)

Do you want your Fournier 2826s in a set up (2 decks) with plastic case?

  • No, I want individual standalone decks of Red and/or Blue.

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  • Poll closed .
I would take a deck of the bridge size also - add me to the long waitlist if you get progress on this please @VMR911.

Excited to get the EPT decks in play tomorrow!
To everyone else who wants bridge sizes:
I'm currently harrasing them for my 2826 bridge setups and decks. Even if we have to prepay, get a big inventory request in and make this happen!
I’d be in for 8-10 setups of the 2826 with or without the case if/when they become available to order. I could be persuaded to take more DOP.

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