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Do you want your Fournier 2826s in a set up (2 decks) with plastic case?

  • No, I want individual standalone decks of Red and/or Blue.

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Dec 9, 2021
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Dallas, Texas

(Manufacture Stock being low). We will resume in the next manufacturing cycle, Fournier are not pumping them out but maybe these requests from wholesalers will show them there is enough interest. Here is the official statement I received from the Wholesaler,
"We contacted the Fournier manufacturer about 10016252 FOURNIER Nº 2826 (2 JUMBO INDEX) - BRIDGE TWIN PLASTIC CASE and got the answer that it is impossible to order 200+ pieces of this deck because they do not have it in stock."
Next steps:
1) They have enough stock and availability for all Poker Jumbo Options so that part of the GB is still going to happen.
2) I will order all available inventory that they have (not much) for 2826 decks (red/blue) and 2826 setups with hard case and then do a raffle style pick for people with 5+ confirmed orders, and then split amongst the incoming inventory with the few winners. It's just to keep it fair and there won't be many to begin with. Prices per deck / setup are likely to be higher since we are not ordering the bulk we were expecting to before.
3) I'm switching the 2826 thread to collecting because we don't need more interest or orders, and once it is time to resume this GB, I'll go through the order list and confirm you still want your quantity.
4) POKER SIZE JUMBO GB will be accepting orders until April 30, 2023 (11:59pm EST). ORDER HERE

- V

APRIL 16, 2023 UPDATE:
Alright everyone, the order list has been compiled, CLICK HERE and “CTRL + F” to find your PCF username and then CONFIRM. There are sections for the 3 orders of this massive bulk buy of Fournier 2826 Bridge Jumbo Setup with Case, Fournier EPT Poker Jumbo Decks, Fournier 2818 Poker Jumbo Decks, some of you have multiple orders in multiple sections, please confirm for ALL sections.

HOW DO YOU CONFIRM? Tag me with the following template in the respective threads.

2826 Total:
2818 Total:
EPT Total:

  • Remember to tag me in the post!
  • Some of you have already confirmed in multiple ways and I have noted it for you but following this format and doing it again will most definitely not hurt.
  • For the 2818 and EPT orders, all even numbers are combinations of equal amounts of RED & BLUE DECKS
  • As more people confirm, the price per item goes higher, because even regardless of the discounts, shipping is not inexpensive. I will do my best to balance the quantity of bulk order vs. cost basis per item (which includes the bulk shipping cost and duty fees from Lithuania) and do my best to keep it around the estimated price point of $~17 for the 2826 setup, and ~$9 for each poker jumbo deck. If the price deviates too far from the estimated start then the order list will be unnaturally cut short and will be fulfilled depending on chronological, first come first serve basis. This is another reason why confirming your order helps you in securing your request.
  • Once the final number of items has been finalized, the cost will be as well. It seems odd to not have the price already but that is just the nature of this group buy since it is an international order from Lithuania and ever growing. This is especially relevant for 2826 orders because the wholesaler has to be prepaid for the large amount of order prior to them ordering it from Fournier. Once we have the final confirmed number of items to be ordered then we will finalize the price per each respective item(s) and user.
  • Local shipping to you is not included in the price. That is calculated prior to reshipping to you.

I thought I loved Fournier cards, and yes, this is a big undertaking but I’m happy we’re all in it together. Like I always,
Enjoy :)
- V

Hello PCFriends,
I'm in talks with that Lithuania Fournier retailer for wholesale bulk orders for FOURNIER Nº 2826 bridge size jumbo index set-up that comes in hard transparent plastic case. We would have to get ~43 setups to qualify for their price of ~$17 set up. Shipping to be calculated and priced into the price per set later on.

Please note: 43 setups is not the limit, from my notes the price is locked in ~$17/setup from 43 to 145 setups. I'll get official SKU pictures and all the options soon but for now these are what the primary orders will be for. There also might be a potential for an additional cheaper option B of single decks (no set up or case), and even a Poker Size option - the inventory of those is being evaluated. Enjoy :)
** April 7 2023 Update **

Expedited process announced: The wholesaler is in the middle of their ordering process which means it's a good time for us to add on what we need for our order. We will accumulate interest until Tuesday April 12, 2023 (April 11 midnight) and then we'll have an approximate final number which then can allow us to calculate final costs and we'll also switching the respective GBs to "Taking Orders". I don't see the point in dragging this on when enough people are ready to order and get the ball rolling. Thanks everyone

Major announcement
: After doing preliminary count of orders (based on interest), we are well beyond and MOQ (minimum order quantity) rather we are reaching MAXIMUM order quantity, and to keep my house from becoming the Texas Fournier HQ, I'll be closing taking orders by April 18, 2023 at 11:59pm (midnight) and then switching to confirming orders and collecting payments.

April 13 update:
I am creating an excel sheet with estimated final numbers so we can calculate price per item(s)/user(s) and switch this to taking orders for a small period. I should have it done by the end of the weekend :) Thanks for your patience. Another important note: We most definitely have enough interest to move this into "taking orders" - but the final price per unit will be released ASAP because I am working with the wholesaler on shipping packages from Lithuania. The shipping costs for the bulk shipment will be priced in to each unit to keep it fair, and I estimate the price per unit will be finalized by Monday, April 17th and that will go hand in hand with the excel/order list.

Interested in Poker SIze Jumbo options? ORDER HERE

Fournier 2826 Bridge Jumbo Setups with Plastic Hard Case:

Fournier 2826 Red and Blue Bridge Size Jumbo Index Set-up in Plastic Hard Case. (Security Ink Red)


Fournier 2826 bridge twin plastic.jpeg

Please post your interest below and if there is adequate interest then we'll move forward.
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I'd be interested if poker size is made available.
Is a set up 2 decks?
Got it. This is tbd because we don't know what quantity they have for Poker Size decks/setups.
Im interested! Especially for poker size, I know you just cleaned out your poker size lol.
Yep, but if they have it available then I'm happy to add Poker Size orders to lower cost basis for everyone.
2826 group buy?!? Yes please! I love those cards but hate to use the ones I have as I'm down to one unopened setup.

I'm in for 13 (thirteen) setups, especially at the $17 price point.

Thanks @VMR911 for starting the ball rolling on this.

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