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Mar 21, 2024
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Hey team!

Putting my first designs up for your consumption and visceral, ruthless criticism! Planning on printing these onto Tina's THC Hybrid molds, in time for the Group Buy that closes in a few days.

Theme: The Aviary
Standard: Cali
Chip Colors: Spangled Cotinga 5c Frac, Flamingo 25c Frac, Kingfisher $1, Blue/Yellow Macaw $5, Gouldian's Finch $25

Looking for: Preference of inlay, feedback on chip colors.

Thank you!

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View attachment 1304560

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Sorry those pics are absolute garbage - here:

If you've already ordered your set then feel free to disregard, I know this is a bit of a late reply.

I like the contrast/readability of inlay #2, but I like the font/design of #4.

In my opinion, you have too much blue in the set with 2 blue chips and blue edge spots on most designs. You should be able to find bird inspiration that allow you to use a greater variety of colors. Maybe have the 5c be a grey or white or green chip and change up some of the edge spots to remove blue spots from the $1 and $25. I think the Kingfisher $1 can lean more into the orange, and the Gouldian's Finch $25 using more green and black.
Have you printed the inlays to scale and looked at them at arm’s distance?
I’m not sure I get the spot color variation. Are you asking which one is best or are you planning to use them as is?

If the former, I’d show each chip as it would be seen (don’t mix options on one chip, you want folks to opine based on the complete look, not extrapolate). If the latter, I’m not a fan of the current iteration.
I wouldnt send Edge Spot-Files as is - you will have a straight cut at the left side.
The $25 - i dont get the red spot. Doesnt look good to me.
I wouldn't use two blue chips in a 5 chip lineup. Also, the $1 and $5 shouldn't share colors.
Hey all thanks for your feedback but as an FYI I've shelved this in favor of a different project in the near term, may one day revisit this as the early basis for a CPC set, might not. Cheers tho!

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