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Mine [Ebay Auction] Original Dunes architect plans from 1990 (1 Viewer)

Nov 7, 2015
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I have 3 original architect plans for the Dunes casino from 1990.

[EDIT] Auction is live for 10 days on eBay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/166415710942

As I am I Vegas until next Monday I was wondering if it would be better to create a quick auction for those rare items. So I could send them from USA Instead of Europe later.

Any advice ?


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Hmmmm…. Curious if the casino floor page would make a great table topper design…
But yes, if you’re going to auction them off and anticipate the winner residing in the US, then I would leave them in the hands of a trusted agent.
Thanks all for the replies.

It will be too short to make the auction before I leave. So later. Postage difference will be small enough to not worth a rush.

Good idea this topper use.

May be I have to go to @Spinettis Gaming and see if they are interested in a trade of some sort.

Stay tuned.
Sold to a PCF'er ... with a free map of Las Vegas from 1977/79 when they where changing route numbers.

PS : And happy to sell the 3 plans together. I had requests for the golf alone but ... you know ...
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