Scam Paulsons on Ebay -- heads up! (1 Viewer)

On a poker cruise!!!

Earlier this week we had a break in a tournament, and I rode an elevator upstairs to get some air. A guy from my table went up too, and we started talking and he mentioned he was trying to help a friend with some poker chips. Turns out it’s @MrCastro127! Small world!
You forgot to mention we won a tournament together and had a great dinner after !
Great meeting you !

Scammer watching us and adapting to our defenses
Whatever we do, we should not go down this n the basement with a girl in a bikini.
On plus side, I really enjoyed seeing what a great forum this is.
This thread is a microcosm of PCF and follows the formula perfectly.

1. Legitimate attempt to be helpful.
2. Shit on the OP.
3. Shit on the shitter
4. Derailed for LOLs.

On the minus side, all of my eBay listings got pulled :cry: :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
New guy gets it.
5. @WedgeRock complains
6. More derailment occurs, this time it gets personal and names are called
7. Fuck Right Off is announced

Finished your cycle
The great wheel never stops spinning…

8. Fish in the face memes
9. Whining about “community”
10. Josh says “see you in xx days”, where xx is expressed as a variable integer between 7 and 30 with a mean distribution landing on 14.
11. General anti-flipper sentiment manifests
12. “Community” fantasizes about stabbing MatB in non-vital organs

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