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Oct 11, 2013
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I have never really chosen my cards on the basis of durability because I figured I don't play enough for it to be a concern. But after a game on Friday I noticed that the faces on one of Modiano Texas Poker decks were fading/speckled. I would guess they may have been in use for 30-40 hours in total.

I've now read elsewhere that this is not uncommon with Modiano decks but are there alternatives that are more durable? Do the faces on Fournier cards last longer?
Where do you buy yours from? I was hoping that a Spanish site would be the cheapest option for me (also being in Europe).

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These cards don't seem to be widely available - and the green and orange versions even less so. Does anyone know why?
fournier 2818.jpg
For my tourneys only use poker size for the shuffler tech, in Spain the regular price for 1 deck of 2818 Fournier is 9 Euros and 2 decks set of 2500 is 15 Euros NaipesZaca Rekoppoker if you need buy 12 deck or more in German site 12 decks 2818 from closed poker site for 30 Euros only green back
if need more info for Spanish sellers PM
please mods if you need for Spam edit no problem
There's my problem. I can probably buy 4 or 5 decks of the Modiano Texas Poker decks for the same price as 2 decks of the Fourniers.
Modiano Platinum Acetates FTW. That said, I do not know what the prices would be for them in Europe. Fourniers are an excellent alternative.
I've got some PAs but I've not used them too much. How is the fading on them?
If the card backs are unblemished, then they're still playable - that's far more imporant, but I understand wanting the faces to look good, too.
Used one of my 3 set ups for about 10-15 hours worth of play. No wear, but that is not a lot of time to go by. That being said, the reputation of these cards is stellar. Stiffer than the less expensive Mods you've been using, but you'll get used to that.
Unfortunately I did experience quite a bit of fading on my Modiano Platinum Acetates, and they only got used for a few games, so maybe 15-20 hours worth of use. That being said, I've been using Fourniers exclusively for the last couple of months and I haven't noticed anything in the way of fading.

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