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Mar 8, 2021
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I've collected a ton of playing cards over the years from what started as me trying to mix things up in a weekly poker game and keep things interesting. That led me to cardistry, a little bit of magic and treating decks as sneakerheads often treat kicks - "one to rock, one to stock." I guess you can say it's a rabbit hole I went down prior to joining PCF. Even though I never put in enough time for cardistry or magic to really gain significant traction, that didn't stop me from collecting decks from cardists, magicians and designers alike.

Not sure how much interest there will be around here for these, but figured I'd throw it out there as I trim the collection. I noticed from threads that at least a few people are into these kinds of cards as well. Too many to list in this thread, so I've organized everything and created two spreadsheets - One for opened decks and a 2nd for sealed decks. On your phone, you'll likely need to scroll over to see all the columns and get all the information for each deck.

Here's my condition scale for the opened decks:

very good - opened and ranging from signs of minimal use to like new
good - signs of light to moderate use
fair - signs of heavy use (believe I just kept all these, but one or two may have snuck in there)

Opened decks HERE

Sealed decks HERE

Prices don't include shipping, but plan to put each deck in a bubble deck sleeve before shipping in a small padded envelope. With multiple decks it may make more sense to ship in a padded flat rate envelope, depending on distance, but I'm willing to work with you on shipping. I'll add discounts for anyone taking 5 or more decks. Below is a sample screenshot of the layout - feel free to hit me up with any questions and I'm more than willing to provide additional pictures upon request.

I don't plan on bumping this thread, please tag anyone who might be interested. Cheers!

Great seller, wonderful cards from him! True collector. Players liked some of these better than plastic, and I enjoyed the games more because the cards were secretly marked, making it a better experience for all.
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