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Jun 4, 2020
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Toronto, ON
For a white base color on a CPC set, how do people feel about white as opposed to bright white? Is the 55c premium on bright white worth it to you to have that cleaner look? Are there instances where you actually prefer the look of (non-bright) white? What would you choose or what have you chosen for your set and why?
I’ve used both, and it really depends on what you want to use it for.

Here’s a couple picks, bright white w/ purple and white w/ DG peacock

I'm one of those folks for whom the biggest drawback of CPCs is their lighter weight vs Paulsons. So I'll always choose a brass-flake-weighted color for a base.

I also prefer the standard white vs bright white as a base even without the weight issue (but I prefer the bright white for edge spots).
It depends on the lineup and usage, but Bright White is significantly whiter. If you are used to Paulson White, then Bright White is probably the only way to go.
I think this is largely a matter of opinion. I like bright, flashy colors so naturally I prefer bright white in a vacuum. But if I was making some type of retro set, maybe regular white would be better
Seconded everyone that says it depends. If you're truly going for 'white' then it is worth the price difference. If you're just looking for a very light base the standard white has its own charm. I chose it specifically to give the dusty look in my upcoming southwest themed set
I prefer white that turns to cream over time for a more old school look.

Not sure if colour transfer would be an issue with CPC but I never liked it on paulsons.
Here are 3 white chips. The rounders is CPC, and the others ASM, the oldest being 312 Steve's Card Club from 2005 or so.

I put an "enhance" Google filter on the image as it's overcast today and better represents the colours in person.

I think it is just a matter of taste preferences and your theme. I went with normal white on my $1 chip b/c I thought it would look better with the designed inlay and edge spot color for that chip than a super bright white. If I had more complex edge spots on it, I might have gone another direction. I considered it for a while and the bright white just did not look right for that chip.
It's a matter of style /theme and edge spot colors.
In a vacuum, I would say Bright White, but my latest set has a plain White-base chip for a (stylistic and edge-spot anomaly avoidance) reason.

If it's about a workhorse chip, Bright may not be worth the extra money. Any reasonable use would render it plain White.
When I had my California Club tributes made by ASM Maine ~10 years ago now, there were many comments asking about the white base on them asking if they were a special white as they looked brighter (this was before bright white had come along). It was just an evolution in the colors and maybe the brass as it was clearly brighter than my color sample set at the time. @SteveEH 's photo above actually shows the difference quite well. The lower left is very much like the early ASM white, being more of a cream color with the chip on the right being more like the white on my ASM chips.

Clearly, the normal weighted ASM/CPC white has been tweaked to make it more white and less cream or tan.
Regular white is ok, but some might be disappointed with the appearance on the rolling edge given the brass flakes in CPC weighted chips can make lighter colors look dingy.

I chose br white for my dragons and dws sets:


The slight yellowing in the 2nd photo is not really there. Fluorescent lighting screws with the photos my phone takes.
On my next set I want to go with the bright white… my white chip was born in 2009 and it was more on the dirty white side… even that I like it very much, I want to make the next white chip pop ….

well, it has been mentioned above: what is the „higher price for bright white“? I couldn’t find anything on the cpc website based on the bright white color. is it the prime add on price because of the split spot issue?

So, bright white base color will be +55c, while bright white edgespots are the normal price but with a higher chance of "aint wanted" colored spots...

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