Could someone please design me a simple chip for a Tina Group Buy? (1 Viewer)


High Hand
Jan 14, 2024
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I'm looking for someone to design me a simple chip to be used on a web mold for a Tina group buy. I have an inlay sorted so it would just be designing a chip.

I'm hoping it to look something like this, nice and simple:
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 20.49.03.png
I don't understand. I'm hoping for someone to convert that idea into an .ai file for use with Justin's group buys. The CPC tool was just used for reference
It would be ideal if we had a design tool on PCF that could generate ready to print face and edge design on ceramic chips. Either to mimic clay chips or other casino quality chips.

I think this should be fairly easy based on the tools we already have.

@Tommy ?

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